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Euterpe Joins the Dark Side

Euterpe Joins the Dark Side

I’ve been using dark themes for quite some time now. For everything, from the terminal to the OS to the browser. But at the back of my mind was always this nagging voice. It always said some version of “But you haven’t done any dark versions of your own interfaces, why would you expect anyone else to do so?” Well, no more! I can safely say that this devil has been slain. Version 1.4.1 of Euterpe now detects if the OS (or the browser) is set into dark mode and selects an appropriate theme colours.

The reason I haven’t done that before is that for the longest time I have been thinking about (spoilers!) improving the web UI. More of the rewrite-everything-from-scratch type of “improve”, I may add. But in the spirit of not letting the perfect becoming an enemy of the good I decided to finally get on with it. It proved very easy thanks to advances in modern browsers. So waiting a bit had its upsides in the end.

For the actual theme colours I decided to stick to the palette currently used in the mobile app. I really do like it so it was an easy choice.

Happy listening in the dark!