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The GTK Client Is On Flathub

The convergent client is now at the point where if one is enthusiastic enough then they could use it day-to-day. Actually, I’ve been doing just that last few days. To celebrate that I requested for it to be added to Flathub. After some really helpful review process it was accepted and now one could find the Euterpe client there. So without further explanations

Flathub Download Page

For some reason this was really motivating. And strangely enough, this is the first Euterpe client which is relatively easy to install. One by one I will make sure the rest will follow the same path.

Now it is time for further improving this GTK client. I have to say that I am particularly pleased on how easy it was to get to this point compared to the React Native one. And at the same time how stable it seems to be. One does not expect it to stop working every three months with new dependency versions which the JavaScript community seems to like producing in abandon. And the more backward incompatible the better! 😂

Since I am using this client almost exclusively on both the desktop and mobile on the PinePhone I have double the motivation to make it as capable as the iPhone/Android one. On top of that it has to be as good as the Rhythmbox plug-in too. So expect rapid improvements!