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Version 1.5.0 Released

The time has come where “HTTPMS” is finally renamed to “Euterpe”. I’ve been thinking about a new name since the very beginning of the project. At the same time it seemed like too much bother so I was pushing it down the road. And enduring the bad name all along. It was looking too much like “HTTPS” so even I myself was constantly writing it wrong. Fortunately, to this day there is no https program or command on a standard Linux installation. But it was even worse! One close friend was even put off by the name and told me it reminds him too much to premenstrual syndrome because it ends on PMS. But hey, as long as it was only me using it then it is fine.

But no more! There are now more people using the media server and this name would not do. Version 1.5.0 is the one which makes the final step. Renaming the binary and everything inside the web UI. One could find it for download on the GitHub releases page. The full change log could be found

I should say that I am reasonably happy with the new name. There are not so many music related software projects called “Euterpe” which is strange. Having the name of the muse of Music should be a natural fit for many a music and audio programs. But I guess everyone else missed the mark and here we are with a free and cool name.