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Euterpe is a music streaming software you can run yourself. You could run it on your home computer, laptop or on a deticated server. It indexes your music and gives you convenient and fast access to it. You could search for particular tracks, albums or artists. Or you could browse them as if you are in a music store.

The idea has always been for the software to do as much as possible out-of-the box and automatically. But with that in mind there are few things one might want to know to extract everything out of it.

The best place to start is the Getting Started guide.

Name Change

Euterpe was previously known as “HTTPMS” from “HTTP Media Server”. This name is too generic, it proved to be very hard to remember and was all-around a bad choice. At the time I was mostly thinking about the function and not the presentation of the project. Since there are more people using it now it makes sense to improve this aspect as well.

“Euterpe” was chosen because of the obvious association with the muse of music. There are still places where internally the software refers to itself as “HTTPMS” but they will go away with time. Hopefully soon.