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Apache Configuration

Maybe you already have an Apache server running on your machine and want to take advantage of it when deploying Euterpe. It makes sense to leave Apache handle the TLS, server multiplexing and similar things.

I will show two types of configurations here. For when you want your Euterpe to be visible on its own domain or sub-domain. Or alternatively, when you want to have it running under a predefined path on a shared domain.

For the rest of the document assume that Euterpe is running at localhost:9996 (which is the default).

Own (sub)domain

This is the easiest way to run Euterpe behind Apache. Say, you want to have your Euterpe installation at Then just use the following Apache config:

<VirtualHost *:80>

    <Location />
        ProxyPass http://localhost:9996/
        ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:9996/

This will make your Euterpe accessible at

With Path Prefix

In case you don’t have a domain or a sub-domain then you might want to have Euterpe running on some path of your web server, e.g.

This is slightly more involved. The Euterpe server is not exactly designed for this out of the box but some Apache configuration magic could work-around this. In order for this to work, Apache must be compiled with mod_proxy_html, mod_headers, mod_proxy_http and mod_substitute.

Then add this block to your server’s virtual host configuration:

<Location /euterpe/>
    ProxyPass http://localhost:9996/
    ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:9996/
    RequestHeader set "Accept-Encoding" ""
    Header edit "Location" "^\/((?!euterpe).*)" "/euterpe$0"

    ProxyHTMLEnable On
    ProxyHTMLLinks a href
    ProxyHTMLLinks link href
    ProxyHTMLLinks img src
    ProxyHTMLLinks script src
    ProxyHTMLURLMap / /euterpe/

    AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE application/javascript
    Substitute 's|/v1/|/euterpe/v1/|n'
    Substitute 's|"/new_qr_token|"/euterpe/new_qr_token|n'
    Substitute 's|"//" +|"//" + + "/euterpe/"|n'
    Substitute 's|case "/|case "/euterpe/|n'

This will expose your Euterpe installation at the /euterpe/ path of your server.

Note that this variant places some stress on your Apache server and might cause some problems here or there. Consider switching to own domain or sub-domain as shown in the above section.