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Released Versions

The safest route is installing one of the releases.

Linux & macOS

If you have one of the releases (for example euterpe_1.1.0_linux.tar.gz) it includes an install script which would install Euterpe in /usr/bin/euterpe. You will have to uninstall any previously installed versions first. An uninstall script is provided as well.


Automatically creating a release version for Windows is in progress at the moment. For the time being check out the next section, “From Source”. Pay attention to the requirements. As of writing this the author hasn’t been yet initiated in the secret art of building and installing libraries on Windows so you are on your own.

Requirements For Building

From Source (any OS)

If there are no builds for your OS or you simply prefer to compile programs yourself then first you will have to get the code. Download the version you would want or clone the source repository:

git clone
cd euterpe

Running go install in the project root directory will compile euterpe and move its binary in your $GOPATH. Releases from v1.0.1 onward have their go dependencies vendored in so that don’t have to hunt them down.

If you want to install the latest development version from the master branch, you can just run

go install

Or alternatively, if you want to produce a release version you will have to get the repository. Then in the root of the project run

make release

This will produce a binary euterpe which is ready for distribution. Check its version with

./euterpe -v

If you want to build a particular version first checkout it and then build. For example:

git checkout v1.4.0
make release