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OSX + Chrome Media Keys

You can control your Euterpe web interface with the media keys the same way you can control any native media player. To achieve this a third-party program is required: BearderSpice. Sadly, Euterpe (HTTPMS) is not included in the default web strategies bundled-in with the program. You will have to import the strategy file included in the Euterpe repo.

How to do it:

  1. Install BeardedSpice. Here’s the download link
  2. Then go to BeardedSpice’s Preferences -> General -> Media Controls -> Import
  3. Select the bearded-spice.js strategy from Euterpe’s repo

Or with images:

BeardedSpice Preferences:

BS Install Step 1

Select “Import” under Genral tab:

BS Install Step 2

Select the bearded-spice.js file:

BS Install Step 3

Then you are good to go. Smash those media buttons!